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3 Major Questions Regarding Responsive Website Design


In simple words, resizing of website interface in any device screen. Responsive web design helps the user to read and view things on the website clearly without zooming on the smaller screen of smartphones or other devices.


Earlier, the static website was the only pattern people used to create to showcase their company presence reason being people used to open these websites on Computers and Laptops. Nowadays, we have many other devices with different screen sizes and these static designs are not compatible to smaller screen devices as they can’t adjust accordingly and 98% of majority feel frustrated and it may cause the reduction in conversions. In this competitive online world not using responsive mobile web design could lead to the loss.


Responsive Web Design created by multiple web development techniques. Basic work on this particular design is readjusting the width and height of specific elements on different pages like images, Text & Navigation items. 90% of users believes that company’s responsive website is far better than their desktop website.

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5 Key Points of Digital360 to Create Your #1 Responsive Mobile Website

Images are the important factor of any website as far as look and work profile is a concern. We make sure that your images are properly resized which suits smaller and larger screen sizes.

Our regular testing pattern will prevent your website from freezing or crashing on mobile devices. 85% of non-responsive website freeze or crash when we try to open on our mobile devices.

Content or text adjustment on the website is very important according to the different type of devices. Users should not feel irritated while reading your business profile and services on their mobile devices.

As per expertise survey, by 2017 more than 90% people will access the internet on their mobile phones. We are offering clear communication and extensive brainstorming within your budget and deliver 200% extra quality work.

Our expertise coding team use the optimum amount of code which helps the website to load faster on any mobile device.